Rapid response nurse recruitment & staffing agency

Our recruitment experts deliver skilled RNs, LPNs, and CNAs who will hit the ground running.

How rapid response recruitment works

Designed to address urgent gap coverage, our recruitment team leverages pre-screened, skilled nurses and CNAs.

  • You submit your shift or gap coverage request to our rapid response team.
  • We identify best matches from our prescreened, skill-verified pool of nurse talent.
  • Your shift coverage needs are accurately and rapidly met.

What roles does the rapid response team fill?

Focused on nurses and patient care teams, the roles we fill with our rapid response services include:

CNAs whose support of nursing and medical teams are essential to operational success.

Registered Nurses (RN) across a wide range of healthcare specializations.

LPNs with NCLEX-PN licensure who expertly manage high patient care loads.

Medical Assistants who provide administrative and clinical support to healthcare teams.

Why Elite365? Innovative, expert, rapid staffing support

We make expected and unexpected healthcare workforce gaps easier than ever to manage with tools and resources that advance talent support, engagement, and quality.