Elite365: A new vision for care

We’re elevating every aspect of healthcare staffing to improve the career outlook for hardworking medical professionals and provide healthcare organizations with skilled specialists to cover short- and long-term workforce gaps.

Our mission

Our goal is to make the healthcare industry a brighter, better career destination.

That’s why we’ve designed a staffing approach that supports clinicians at every stage of career growth—one modeled off the generosity of care, and love for service, practiced by the very best healthcare professionals.

As a young, fast-growing enterprise, we’re proud to pioneer this care-filled, digitally superior, financially rewarding staffing experience. It’s a promising journey for nurses, hospitals and patients, and it’s only just begun.

The talent is here.

“For too long, the industry has been treating the symptoms of the healthcare talent and nurse shortage. Elite365 is changing that. We’re taking a holistic, transformative approach to talent solutions and it’s changing how professionals and healthcare systems work, grow, and care.”

– Tracy Clark, CEO & Co-Founder

Joint Commission accreditation – certified excellence

JCIQA-symbolElite365 is a Joint Commission accredited staffing provider, meeting the most rigorous quality and safety standards of patient care.

  • We demonstrate a commitment to a higher standard of service
  • We provide a framework for organizational structure and management
  • We have a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Our work enhances staff recruitment and development
  • We are recognized by insurers and other third parties
  • Our services can reduce liability insurance costs
African American and Asian nurses discussing a medical chart

Clinical nurse advocates – championing success

Elite365 nurse advocates provide dedicated workplace support and mentorship to our nurses. They also support our clients in ensuring the healthcare professionals we place are clinically suited and skilled for the job. 

By providing this extra layer of advocacy, we clear the way for greater communication, job satisfaction, and, most importantly, top-notch patient care. 

  • Elite365 to Rapidly Fill Critical Healthcare Talent Gaps

    Elite365 to Rapidly Fill Critical Healthcare Talent Gaps

    August 23, 2022 [TAMPA, FL] – Oak Healthcare Staffing today announced a new brand identity, Elite365 – Healthcare Workforce Solutions, which reflects its recent acquisition of Cunningham Elite Staffing and the combined company’s mission to bring together decades of healthcare experience and an unparalleled approach to care.

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